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Home Router Security Report 2020 by Fraunhofer institut Germany

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here you can read full report by German Fraunhofer institut

as was discussed many times here there is better spend 250-300USD/Eur for proper and secure router, than use “routers” from ISPs or cheap budget purchase. Otherwise you can write to your WAN Gateway:
“Welcome all visitors here”

Special part is a confirmation how the budget routers vendors solve a firmware update support. In chapter 3.1 you can find, that 81 from all 127 tested routers got an update within 365 days = max. 1x per year!
Really nice support for all the vulnerability found during the year.
agree with all the above
and additionally I want to say,
that with 250-300 USD/Eur one can have a mini PC and install sth like
pfSense, OPNsense, Sophos XG, Untangle
as a router and firewall
and have a lot more security and many more possibilties to "play".
Furthermore, we do not evaluate routers of telecommunication providers because their routers are developed and manufactured by OEMs.
Doesn't this mean that the tested home routers are not ISP provided but instead procured by the end-user. If this is the case then what is the normal price for the tested sample? (cheaper than 250-300USD/Eur ?) This is the list and I've not checked them. Noting that Synology, by its absence, and others must be consider niche players or not for the home user.
ISP routers you can split into two main group:
- based on delivered “medium” - fixed: xDSL, cable, FTTx, ... or cellular: 4G/3.5-3.7/5G ..... and yes some of them you can find in the tested sample, e.g. LTE router Fritz!Box 6890 in eshop “just” for 330Eur
- or ethernet, in case when ISP use “terminal” from previous mentioned to ETH
and this is the bigger target of the test

Second mentioned is more wise attitude, because ISP can provide for less cost “free” choice for you what router you will use. Price war changes behavior of the infrastructure providers.

AVM Fritz!Box is really frequently used router for some big ISP in Europe like UPC, O2, also D-link by T-mobile

yes. it was my first try in the test use search for Syno and Ubiquiti or Unifi. Nothing.

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