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Anyone else using other solutions for their home networking or back-up needs? Other than a Synology NAS, I mean.

I'm still using a Windows Home Server (version 1). Built using old PC parts that I had lying about.

WHS is a simplified version of Windows Server 2003, looking very familiar to XP users.

I have it on my home network, where it does daily back-ups of all my Windows machines. It has no WAN access. We only use Windows 7 machines ( I hate 10 and won't have it). I also have a couple of XP machines, for retro-gaming. The little WHS performs perfectly for the back-up roll that it's tasked with.

It creates, system images of your machines, which you can restore using a bootable cd.

In my opinion, it's one of the best things M$ ever came up with. They did a second version, in 2011. However, they removed the drive pool functionality and thus the very thing that helped make it so good, the dummies!


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Atm no. Considering that I just moved to a house with lots of room I’ll see what my rack will accommodate in the end. Now it’s only network gear and synology gear. Don’t see a need for any specific servers with specific roles that I can’t sort of on the syno platform running on this hw. Also no time atm
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@Tedster hi.
Home servers is the title.
And i used before a long time ago a win7 pc with raid 5 , i now prefer by far a NAS.
For me and as a home user i now use NAS for backups , seconds backups are external hdd and cloud.
I dont see the need to use daily backups because my main NAS (ds418) do a backup itself using SHR.
From time to time i done manual backups to other devices i said before, and some data to cloud.

My main clients are windows and android (i use daily).

If i had much more data and other needs i would still use a NAS ☺, more NAS and more powerful.

I like the project of retro gaming :) .
A friend of mine as also a retro gaming machine, arcade machine but with other OS, and device (original xbox), it is very cool, he did everything.
A long time i also had a original xbox but my first "PC" was a spectrum 48k, still have in my home :)
I tested oracle vm and now i installed again in a w10 machine.
Not in my ds418, not powerful enough.
We can have a idea of other OS but it is not the same.

For me it is a great tool and if i like i can install the OS for real


oracle VM - you need install to your desktop PC/Laptop, then all the VMs to LUN (to better handling across your LAN devices)
All the Syno NAS, see here
Thank you. I will see that .
Synology NAS do many things ☺.
I saw a youtube video and i think VM was running in the NAS itself.

I will that lun (for me it is a new thing) .
If it works even i have to install and run in the PC (for better performance etc) it is cool.

It is one less app i have to install (in windows) ☺

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