Hosted Site unreachable outside Network (only HTTPS)

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Hosted Site unreachable outside Network (only HTTPS)

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EDIT: I've managed to track it down to my router that seems unwilling to forward port 443 at all. Since I can't delete the thread, I'll leave it for anyone that is interested in a port-forwarding issue or debugging of similarissues.


I managed to set up Reverse Proxy to one of my Docker container. (It runs Strapi, which only supports HTTP):


This works fine from within the network, but it fails from the outside (Page cannot be reached. Telnet timeout).
The portforwarding of the router looks correct to me:


I also set up the connection over HTTP. This works from inside and outside the network (Page loads without SSL. Telnet connects):


The tests were all made while the Firewall was disabled.

I'm currently out of ideas, if anyone has a hint for possible causes, please let me know.
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My current thoughts are:
  • Since I can connect from within the network, the SSL setup should be fine and the Docker container runs fine.
  • Since I can connect from outside the network using HTTP, the Dynamic DNS (in use for years) to the router works fine.
  • I don't know whether the port forwarding works.
  • The Reverse Proxy should work since it works from within the network, but I don't trust it. :D
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Update: Using Webstation to host a PHP page without any Reverse Proxy involved results in the same behavior. Therefore it should be a problem between the Router and the DSM?

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