Hosting a .asp site on a Diskstation?

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Hosting a .asp site on a Diskstation?

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I have a website written in .asp which has for many years been hosted on Godaddy shared Windows hosting. So while I've got a decent working knowledge of maintaining my site, I have NO experiencing hosting it, or running hosting software, or what platform even runs on Godaddy's servers to host my site.

But I'd like to take a crack at hosting the site on my Diskstation, if that's possible. Since the Diskstation doesn't natively host .asp, as far as I know, I assume I would have to run the hosting software in a Docker environment.

To give you a sense of how newbie-ish I am at this, though, it's not clear to me whether I'd need to run, in Docker, ASP.NET, or .NET Core, or IIS, or something else...

And I assume that my web coding itself would have to be OUTSIDE the docker package (in much the same way bitwarden's data lives outside the docker package)...

Is there a package that would run under Docker that's fairly straightforward from which I could serve my site? The site doesn't do anything complicated: It displays text, photos, videos, etc., but does not accept any input from the user, or run any databases, etc.

I'm not stupid, just completely inexperienced with this particular task.

Is this do-able?

Thanks for any pointers!

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