How can you add 16GB RAM to 920+, when Intel site says "Max 8GB"?

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How can you add 16GB RAM to 920+, when Intel site says "Max 8GB"?

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I just got a 920+ and am curious how are people using 16GB RAM to increase it to 20GB total without causing issues?! Intel site clearly says it's MAX 8GB, in DUAL CHANNELS (4GB+4GB), wouldn't adding more RAM cause instability and other issues?!

I just have never heard of adding more RAM than a processor can handle would work, like in my old PC that took 16GB max RAM, I tried adding more and it crashed and wouldn't work stable.

If it somehow works, is the added RAM worth it than just going to 8GB? My usage is Plex (some 4K and HVEC), Backup, IP Cameras, Roon Core, and in the future possibly setup it as a mail server.
Excess RAM is used as cache, making your NAS much zippier. I'm at 16 GB now.

Ok, but you have no instability issues?

On Reddit, I saw quite a few posts of adding 16GB and having issues, and even DSM being damaged to a point where even removing the RAM didn't fix the problem.

Curious if it's a hit and miss, or some memory brands do well and some don't?
It is quite curious why the documentation for the cpu claims it can handle up to 8GB RAM: - Product Specifications | Intel

The CPU architecture and the chipset+bios of the mainboard it is running on set the limit. Since people are able to run 20GB RAM total in their 920+, It appears intel documentation does not reflect the correct specifications.

Generally when it comes to the ram modules: the clock speed of the ram module is relevant, the cas latency most likely as well. Sometimes even the number of banks can make the difference between success and fail (no idea if this a problem for a DS920+).
I’ve noticed over the years (and many products) that Intel generally quote max RAM per channel on CPUs & NUCs.

Intel also took a long time to realise 32GB DIMMs were a thing... e.g. multiple Gen 6 and later NUCS can run 2x32GB DDR4 DIMMS without issue, yet Intel only officially supported it in their documentation from Gen 10.

I’ve found Samsung RAM to be the most reliable with Synology, Crucial a little hit & miss, and Kingston generally less successful.

I’m now running a DS1621+ maxed out with Synology RAM (purely because I bought it second hand in that configuration), but I previously ran a pair of 920+ with 20GB as well without issue. Before that, a 918+ with 16GB, also trouble free.
The NAS specification will list Synology's "supported" RAM amount, but the actual amount that can be used is fully dependent on the Processor model. The DS1815+ specs say 6 GB max, but I am running 16 GB.
For those running with the 16GB RAM upgrade, what manufacturer/model are you using? My DS920+ is enroute and was gonna bump this soon after.
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NasCompares has a great article on SYNOLOGY NAS memory upgrades 2021-2022. Covering multiple models & RAM MFG’s.

One thing though… After you do the upgrade and it works….. Please tell me what you do (Other than Bragging Rights) to use that ram!! I’ve 10 GB IN ONE 720+ and 6GB in another 720+……. And I have yet to use the 6, let alone 10…
I’m hovering around 2GB Of Ram usage on both 720+’s.

Yes, I’ve heard about cache increase, but never heard of a way to test, or seen results of testing to show a speed increase after ram increase. (But I do have 6 & 10GB)!
For those running with the 16GB RAM upgrade, what manufacturer/model are you using? My DS920+ is enroute and was gonna bump this soon after.
I’m using a Crucial CT16G4SFD8266 on my 920+

Run a memtest by Synology Assistant and once it’s finished ssh to your NAS and run:

sudo grep -i -a "memtest" /var/log/messages
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Have 2 different types I’ve used on 720+
Last week:

Timetec 8GB DDR4 2666MHz (DDR4-2666) PC4-21300 ( (PC4-2666V) Non-ECC Unbuffered 1.2V CL19 1Rx8 Single Rank 260 Pin SODIMM​

Last year 4 GB Crucial. Out of reach right now will post here tomorrow

Again: have yet to seen use — in either 720+ — by 4GB of Synology, crucial , or &GB Timetec Ram. Both are claiming between 1.2–1.8GB of Ram in Use.

I’d like to hear about visible documentation of use of extra Ram !
With the exception of those using VM’s.
As I have yet to see any improvement - 6 or 10.
Bottom line is this...just like a PC, the more you do with the NAS, the more resources you need. Performance monitor is a good place to start with evaluating the "need" to upgrade RAM. IMO, it is fairly cheap with 3rd party RAM and can't hurt.
Have you seen a document-able speed upgrade with the increased ram?
Didn’t look for one and I really think no one bothered to create one. However, as we all know, any operating system –worth its kilobytes in salt– will start paging when it runs out of RAM. It will use disk as RAM and that’s the argument I always use. Avoid paging, give it RAM.
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no paging has ever been seen on 6GB. Consistently 1.2-1.8GB used. No visible speed difference local access 6 to 10. Listing directories with huge amounts of files no faster 6-10. V7’s ‘Benchmark’ doesn’t improve with 6 to 10. Sure — Cache has increased 6 to 10, but I have yet to see it ever used. I’ve obviously future-proofed… If I ever run a package needing lots of ram.
Until then, I appear to have purchased ‘bragging rights’ with 10… and though I have not tried it yet….. Possibly even with 6. This could be cudo’s to a more efficient OS & Package code, compared to a PC where more RAM helps in many ways.

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