How do I manually create/setup containers for use in Docker?

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How do I manually create/setup containers for use in Docker?

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So I'm really struggling with some of the apps in docker that require variable editing, folder mapping, SSH, and/or Docker Compose work prior to being able to fulling configure the container. I simply do not understand all of the commands necessary.

In this thread, I have managed to get to the login screen of a piwigo container that I found in the docker registry, but I cannot figure out how to setup the server. Replacement for Synology Photos/Photostation?

I am also attempting to try out a photoprism image I found in the docker registry, but cannot figure out how to edit the admin user default password to get past the initial login screen

In this thread, I am attempting to set up paperless-ng, but I'm stumped at the point where I need to map the folders to the container. Paperless-ng

I have tried reading through a ton of threads on here, and I've googled even more places as well as looking at the app web pages and their install instructions. My problem is that almost all of the sites assume you have a basic knowledge of linux or python or whatever code is being used. They might give a command or two, but they don't give the big picture.

If there's anyone willing to walk me through the initial setup from start to end of one of these containers, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I can get one under my belt and understand the workflow and basic commands, I believe I'll at least be able to further my research from that point. I was thinking that docker was just a point-and-click install like regular desktop software, but have quickly learned that is not the case.

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