How do you backup Active Backup data?

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How do you backup Active Backup data?

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Active Backup is a great solution to backup complete PC's and it allows to recreate not just the HDD's but the file/folders as well.
The disadvantage is that the backup folder is big one. For example I backup not much, just about 7 PC'c. After deduplication all the space takes only 3TB which is great, but if you want to backup the backup folder - the datasize of the folder is 87 TB...

And now - If I want to backup the Active Backup folder (to have another copy of the data at another location) - how to do it? I have no idea. Maybe to use another NAS with BTFS to synchronize the folders? How did you solve this? Any experience?


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Snapshot replica to a separate NAS as one scenario.
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I think you will find the datasize of the folder is irrelevant, its the size showing in the "shared folder size" under the "shared folder icon" in control panel that is the amount that will be backed up. eg mine shows as 343TB when actually its only 3.3TB, heck the NAS only has 30TB of space. I use replication to a second Synology NAS to backup all my shares.

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