How do you interpret the SSD Caching Advisor?

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How do you interpret the SSD Caching Advisor?

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Hi All,

I recently ran the SSD Caching Advisor and it recommended 240 GB to me for my DS920+.
What I would like to know is how do I interpret this value?
Do I have to buy 2 ~240GB SSDs for each bay or am I supposed to buy like 2 ~120GB SSDs to make up the full 240GB?

Also for future refence, what should be the interpretation in general if there is more than 1 slot for M.2?
You need 1 SSD if you want a Read-only cache and 2 SSD if you want a Read-write cache. The capacity of the SSD(s) needs to be greater than the recommended 240GB.

Also the SSD cache must have sufficient system memory to support it. For every GB of SSD cache 416KB of system memory is required. 240GB X 416KB = 99840 KB = 999MB of system memory
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