How does Synology implement its WebDAV Server?

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How does Synology implement its WebDAV Server?

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Anyone knows how Synology implemented the WebDAV service?
Is this a module to a Apache http server or a standalone service.

Why this question? I'm using Keepass to sync a password database, stored on Synology's WebDAV. While synchronizing the file I get an error back (Bad Gateway 502) when Keepass executes a MOVE command. This only happens when Keepass executes this command from outside traversing a reverse proxy (HAProxy) running on my firewall and using a https URL

Anyway I'm searching a way to debug or trace this MOVE process on my NAS. Do you know how I can do this?

I would expect its a standalone service because it runs on it's own port and cannot be shared (ofcourse a reverse proxy can solve this problem). And I would expect it to be NGINX instead of Apache, because Synology's DSM also runs on NGINX.

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