How have you configured your volumes?

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How have you configured your volumes?

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Out of curiosity, how many volumes have you configured on your NAS, and why? Are you guys using a single volume for all your bays?
Myself, I've configured my DS918+ currently with 1x1TB SSD as one volume (with most packages installed here), 2x6TB as one SHR-volume, and a 1x3TB as another volume.
In my main nas:
3x ssd 500gb shr with packages, web server and important quickly changing user data
2x2tb ssd shr with slow moving data
1x 128 gb ssd with downloads and temp ( no backup/ redundancy)
I considered whether to create a multi-volume supporting storage pool but with btrfs supporting quotas on shared folders I decided against it. While quotas are the same as reserving space I decided that, being the main user, I can manage the disk usage as it evolves.

If you want to guarantee disk allocation then that's when I can see using multiple volumes on the same storage pool. For example, projects get NNN GB each.

I have a 3x8TB HDD SHR-1 storage pool that's does everything except for a 2nd storage pool of 1x3TB HDD JBOD for Mac Time Machine. Both single volume btrfs. My Mac's all have a unique TM user and they have restricted access plus user quota on NAS volume 2.
Interesting how differently we set up volumes :)
In my case 4x4TB HDD in one volume, SHR-1.
I'm separating things by shared folders, their permissions and no quotas at the moment.

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