How much free space should I have?

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How much free space should I have?

I have a DS1618+ with six 4TB drives. My primary use is surveillance station with 12 cameras around my house being recorded 24/7 to it. Additional uses are photo station just for storage of my phone pictures, time machine backup from my laptop, and an additional copy of all the data I have on Dropbox. That’s pretty much it.

I have been playing with the quotas for each camera that surveillance station records. I got to over 80% full and the synology is now giving me warnings of low disk space even though I have 3TB free. 90% of the data usage is video from the cameras and I can easily trim back the quotas if need be but I figured why not store as many days as possible. Is being over 80% full a problem and hindering performance or something or is the warning just letting me know disk space is getting low and nothing else?

Put another way is there a certain percentage of disk space usage I shouldn’t exceed? I can really tailor it to any percentage since 90% is security footage and I have no specific requirements for length of storage before purge other than it might come in handy to have.
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Just a warning. But be careful not to get close to full. You might end up not being able to login (in a normal way). So better watch it closely and limit SS to a certain quota (I think you said you’re doing that).
You‘re not doing anything that requires heavy disk paging so all should be fine.

That‘s what I think :)

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