how to 2-way sync to and from 2 drives on same PC to single ds216j nas?

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how to 2-way sync to and from 2 drives on same PC to single ds216j nas?

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I have a DS216J NAS. Up until now I have stored both personal and work material on the same laptop drive (c:/) and synced this to a shared folder on my nas which is available to the rest of my network. On the nas I have already my personal and work files in separate folders of those names. This has worked well but I now want to separate the storage of personal and work files on the laptop with personal stuff in c:/ and work in a microSD card as drive d:/. However, I can't find a way to sync the content of two different drives on the same machine to the same nas. At the moment, the connection is set up to drive c:. If I try to create a second connection to drive d: it asks for a second nas?

Can someone put me straight. TIA

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