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Tutorial How to automate podcast downloads with Download Station and Audio Station

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Tutorial How to automate podcast downloads with Download Station and Audio Station

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AdrianEarnshaw submitted a new resource:

Podcasts and AudioStation - How to Automatically Pull New PodCasts for AudioStation

Wouldn't it be cool if your Synology could pull the latest Podcast, download it to your Synolgoy box and send you an e-mail when the download is completed? Well, it is possible using Download Station and Audio Station.

This tutorial assumes that you have already set up e-mail alerts within your Synology NAS.

First of all, you need to download the Download Station app from the Synology package centre. Once installed open it up and click on RSS Feeds, this is the last option on the left-hand...

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I have used Download Station to do this too. One thing I found was that there becomes a limit on the number of downloaded files (quite a few hundreds) and until you delete some then the downloads quietly stop.

As for where I download to: I created a Web Station virtual host and downloaded files into folders under this VH's root folder. A long time ago I wrote a Perl CGI script that takes the passed folder location and returns a RSS of all the files in that folder. It's useful for making podcasts out of randomly collected audio files (initially it was for recordings I'd made using Audio Hijack [Pro]).
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I've created a download task in Download Station to automatically download podcasts using rss feed.
It does the job perfectly but it downloads all historically available podcasts....hundreds of them! o_O
Is there a way to only download podcasts after a certain date? or only new downloads from task creation date onwards ?

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