How to browse local computer files via File Station?

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How to browse local computer files via File Station?

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In File Station settings there's an option "Browse Local Files". How does that work? I have the option checked, but I can't find a way to show my Mac's local files inside of File Station. I'm on an iMac and I tried my default browser Firefox but also Chrome with the various Synology Extensions.


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That's an interesting question: I've no idea.

Looking at the detailed description in Help does omit a few things:
To browse and manage files from the local computer with File Station:
  1. Tick Browse files from the local computer with File Station.
  2. Click OK.

Have tried enabled/disabled (re-opening the browser, logon/off when switching). Looking for actions to perform, tasks, and search filters reveals nothing. Is it a Windows thing? I'm on Mac.
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It was already enabled on my system, so I can give this disable/enable thing a try too. I'm also going to check on my Wintendo laptop, see if it might indeed be a Windows-only thing...


Think I found the problem. According to this knowledge base page: DiskStation Manager - Knowledge Base | Synology Inc. needs to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) for this to work. That's too bad. Not going to install Java sutff on my Mac. Might give it a try inside a virtual machine or something like that.

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Searching a bit more on how to enable Java just inside my browser (Firefox) I came across a page on the Oracle website that Firefox no longer supports Java. Then I went on to search for Java inside Safari (which I don't really use for anything) and came across another Oracle article stating that Safari no longer supported Java.

Starting to notice a pattern here... I'm guessing there's a good reason for major browser manufacturers to ditch Java, so I should probably just forget about this local file browsing thing entirely.
Sounds like a good idea. I'm not installing JRE either. Maybe it's useful when running in kiosk mode but my usage won't improve by having FS browsing local Mac folders: most of my interaction is covered by AFP/SMB, SFTP, and then Drive.
...but my usage won't improve by having FS browsing local Mac folders...

I was planning on using it on a NAS that is in a datacenter. I think it would be slightly more convenient to use two File Station windows on the remote device and copy data to it that way than dropping it all in the browser windows. Maybe I'll look into installing a WebDAV server on my Mac to connect to it from the remote NAS. Or maybe the other way around; somehow mount a remote share on my local machine.
Use case makes sense, but JRE seems excessive. If you had an old installation of Mac OS X and had upgrade successively then you might have had a legacy Java/JRE from Apple, but now it's from Oracle if you really need it.

If it's WebDAV you plan to use then DSM has that and you can even use Reverse Proxy to use port 443 (or whatever you like). I use SFTP with unique port (not same as SSH) on NAS and Transmit on Mac (or CloudMounter if I want it mounted on Finder).
You could run Apache Guacamole on the NAS and remote in to the local computer.

But I wouldn't install java... yuk!

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