How to change Drive Backup destination folder

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How to change Drive Backup destination folder

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I want to backup a folder from a PC to my NAS. I can not used Active Backup for this (actually I use it but it create a huge files not possible to do additional backup to a Cloud service) and therefore I wonder how to backup the folder.
The solution is to sync the folder with a folder in my NAS and then the NAS can do different backup strategies according to my need.

How to sync a folder to the NAS (with a native component)? I thought that Drive Backup can be used - it provide scheduled backup and it is one way only. Unfortunately for some reason there is no way how to set the destination folder. Is there another way how to sync/backup PC folder/s with the Syno native components?

Is the Destination folder really fixed for the Derive Backup or is it possible to change it?


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Do you mean that there's no way to set the Drive Backup destination folder because it ends up as /home/Drive/Backup/<device folder>?

Why is this a problem?

From a quick look in the Drive client on Mac it seems that there can a different connection for Backup vs Drive tasks, so you could use a second DSM account.

There's also the possibility to have your main Drive two-way sync task working with a subfolder that doesn't encompass Backup and Moments folders, e.g. /home/Drive/myDrive. I have five sync tasks for Drive:
  1. main 2-way task to /home/Drive/myDrive
  2. photo upload 1-way task to /home/Drive/Moments/Upload/<mac name>
  3. access to lesser used public cloud data from Drive ShareSync to /home/Drive/Cloud Drives
  4. a shared team folder
  5. shared with me

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