How to change server address in Active Backup for Business Agent remotely

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How to change server address in Active Backup for Business Agent remotely

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Hi. Is it possible to change server address and user credantials on Synology Active Backup for Business Agent remotely? A bought new NAS and I want to switch some users to another device. Can anybody help me?
You should be able to log out using the client machine as well as edit the connection towards a new ABB server using the agent menu:

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 15.00.31.png

Is that what you were looking for?
To change the username/password I think you have to Log Out first, but this requires a DSM admin user to enter their credentials to do this. The Edit Connection only permits changing the server name.

The ABB agents use the hardcoded TCP port 5510, so you can only have one ABB server NAT'ed per Internet IP. In case you were wanting to run ABB services on two NAS and direct different remote devices between the NAS.

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