Question How To Clear USB Copy Logs?

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Question How To Clear USB Copy Logs?

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I used USB Copy (latest version) extensively for external backup and, thus have a lot of logs reporting on the individual USB Copy tasks. The USB Copy Logs option allows me to view/filter these logs but doesn't provide any way of clearing them out. Control Panel, Log Center allows me to seemingly delete all logs on an all or nothing basis but when I go back into USB Copy, the individual task logs are still there!

I came across a 2014 thread in the Synology Commuity forums about deleting system logs which said the only way to delete system logs (this was DSM 5) was:

1. Enable telenet connections "Control panel/Terminal&SNMP"
2. Login with telnet IP NAS username root password "simple password conecctions as admin)
3. cd ..
4. cd /var/log/synolog
5. dir
6. remove log example with command rm

Is this still the 'best advice' or is there are better way of deleting USB Copy logs (e.g. the Log Center package which, by default, Control Panel, Log Center mentions every time you open it? For that matter, I saw it suggested somewhere that logs were auto-deleted when they reached a certain size? Is this the case? If so, does it apply to the USB Copy logs or only those logs which log center would clear out anyway?

As a Synology NAS newbie (although plenty of IT experience) all thoughts and comments are very welcome

Many thanks

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