Question How to compress photos before uploading to cloud

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Question How to compress photos before uploading to cloud

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I'd like to compress photos before uploading them to my C2 backup cloud, just like Google Photos do. Or I think they resize them.

That way it will take up less space, but photos are still ok to look at.

Or is it not a good idea to do that?
Unless you are using RAW, TIFF or similar formats then all other image formats already have significant compression.

JPEG and PNG will be compressed already. The only way to remove a lot of size is to make the images smaller, i.e. pixel x by pixel y, But then you'll affect the original quality.

Similar effect is digital 'zoom'. The photo-receptive chip is a fixed pixel x/y array and each pixel is a fixed size. The light hitting the array is what will make the image. A digital zoom will take part of the array and make that the captured image and state it as a zoomed in image. If you capture at 'non-digital-zoomed' you will then be able to edit the image afterwards to create a smaller image but set the DPI to infer a bigger image at lower quality.

One thing I noticed with C2 backup is that it noticed the same file (image) being uploaded twice in different folders. The upload time was reduced (I have a low upload speed so it was very noticeable that the second upload didn't happen) but the storage space was accounted for both uploads.
up to your future photo usage. Each compression will degrade your original photo quality. If the photo comes from smartphone and not from APS-C or full frame, then doesn’t mater, just do it.
By default, “compressed” means that some of the data in the photo is thrown away.
I don’t know how all 3rd party services like Google Photos handle user photos, because, I’m also paranoid:). My photos, my property. I don’t use FB, Insta, Twitter or all rest SN channels. Still alive and happy.

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