How to enable outbound NAT on OpenVPN?

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How to enable outbound NAT on OpenVPN?

Synology DS3617
First time user of this app. My OpenVPN profile is not allowing me to NAT traffic to Synology LAN IP.

For instance, I have my tunnel working, because it shows in OpenVPN client that it is up, and tun0 is working, and Route print shows tunnel is defined correctly.

But, I cannot ping other devices on the LAN that the Synology is on. Specifically, I am trying to VPN into the LAN from outside, and then connect to a Teamviewer VNC server on a PC, but I can't even ping it.

Is there a checkbox/setting I am missing?

OpenVPN distribution on Linux has a checkbox like this.

By the way, I made sure that my firewall settings are all disabled on the PC. Could it be possible that the Synology firewall has an outbound policy?
Have you added your vpn subnet into synology firewall to allow traffic?
Hmm this is all kind of new to me. I don't think I did. Can you possibly point me to how to do that? Or are there instructions somewhere on how to do this?
Rusty, after looking through that thread someone mentioned using the Synology DNS server. Do I have to set that up as well in order to use Synology's OpenVPN app? I'm worried about doing this since I am not familiar with it and don't want to interfere with the DNS server from my router!

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