How to find out what app/process on NAS is non stop writing to disk

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How to find out what app/process on NAS is non stop writing to disk

Watching Resources Monitor on My Synology DS116 I can see, that there is something writing to disk non stop (few MB/s). Is there a way to find out what files are writen and by what process or app working on my NAS?
By the way, reading is nearly zero at the same time.

Using Resource Manager and sorting by Write(s) column? Whats listed there?

Can you share what apps/services are you running? Is DS116 the nas in question? What RAID array are you running? Check also Storage Manager. It could be that scrubbing is in progress.
Well, in Resource Manager there is only shown MB/s in general, not any list (see the screen I attached) - where I can see such list?
Doing more investigation I can see (or better say - I can't see anything;-) ):
- writing process is permanent, a few MB/s non stop - see the screen
- as you can see on screen network is silent, so the massive writes are not generated from outside
- in disk usage report "Most Recently Modified Files" are 3 (three) days ago...
- the number of files and storage on disk is sill the same despite the writing process...
- on the processes list I can see only processor/memory usage, anyway it shows that only few processes are active, using less then 1% each (syno-cloud-clientd and syno.finder.fil are use to be most active in that list - does it talk to me something?)
- I have paused indexing in my Synology (is there a way to switch it completely off?)
By the way - I start my investigation after seeing that my NAS never goes asleep, as I set it, to save the energy. So help me save the planet not wasting energy :)


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Seems to synoforum scales my picture? Original has >300kB, here142kB... How to block that auto-scaling?
I have DS116 - one disk NAS, no not any RAID. No cameras, nothing special -just Moments app, Drive app, very simple configuration.


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Because attached picture is processed by synoforum, here I enclose link to that picture, hope it will help :)
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If you SSH onto the command line do you get any better information using one of these commands?
top -o %CPU
top -o %MEM

Yesterday I found my DS215j hammering the disks and found that the daily 04:00 System Scan in AV Essential was still running hours later. Normally doesn't take anywhere near that. I rebooted it and ran the scan manually and it finished as per normal, and today's went ok too. Odd.
First of all - thank you all for your feedback :) First time I have a situation on forum, where problem with attaching is bigger then the main problem from the post ;-). So, here I enclose 3 separated pictures, smaller - hope the forum machine will not scale it... Or pleas let me know how to put picture here without auto-scaling, lack of it is... well, is bad :-|
- Rebooting doesn't resolve the problem.
- listing "top" doesn't show what process writes to disk with what speed (or I am doing it wrong?)


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The first picture I attached here has on my disk 334 KB and is pretty readable and then... I see it uploaded here as 142KB. Strange, to scale so small picture to smaller.
Anyway - hope my last 3 pictures I uploaded are readable? And now we can stop talking about backstage :)


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@abramq back to your request

1. follow your screenshots you have trouble with (for you) unknown process:
- rslsync, ID8028, 8035, 8037, 8102
- they consume in total 2.1% of your CPU performance
- there is just disk writing operation about 15MB/s in peak
- network isn't busy
- and we also rozumiemy polski :cool:

2. Synology rslsync process background:
- Resilio Sync is is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool/solution
- then you have installed this 3rd party package in your DSM
- peer to peer is base of uninterrupted small amount of services, include indexation = same as in your case

Investigation is done

A recommendation:
- I don't know a background of usage this package in your NAS
- but you can open a consideration to usage official Syno packages (or services) for sync od data between same platforms as in Resilio Sync
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Thanks for the reply, so deep analisis :) Good to hear I can write in polski ;-) Let me continue in English this time, maybe more people will benefit from this topic (said with innate modesty).
Yes I am using ResilioSync, installed from Synology repo. Well, the story about seeking a good sync app is very long in my case. I was trying all Synology's apps (DS File, DS Photo, Moments) and my experiences was very bad... nearly sold my NAS because of it. The first problem is that those apps works only when ran manually, then, when the phone goes blank screen - all sync processes stops and never starts again, until I launch the app again... ResilioSync works perfect, even if I use power saving mode in my Galaxy S7. Other problems with Synology's apps was for example syncing photos - app was making separated folders on NAS for every day, putting photos to that folders... crazy idea.
Just stoped the Resilio process and... YES, it was it! Thanks a lot for your help!
Anyway I wonder what Resilio would write all the time, especially in the night for example, when phone is off and all files are synced (completely not any file is added to NAS disk), will have to write to them :)
Thanks once more!
More good news - I was investigating my NAS and have found that one synced folder has a problem with one old file, what made writing never ending loop. Deleted it and created it again - works perfect :)
I was using Syno Drive, but it:
- it sync photos to a folder on NAS which I can not change
- this syncing put photos visible to Syno Moments in a way I don't like and there is no way to customize it
- in Resilio I can sync any folder from my phone directly to any folder I chose on my NAS
I've had an occasional unending sync. It normally has happened when I've had my 15 min clone task (CCC on Mac from Rasp Pi) getting the latest weather files from my Weewx setup. It must clash and then find the file it wanted has updated while it was sync'ing back to Drive.

Other times I've just moved the file out of the Drive folder and let the sync do its thing and then decide which version is the one I want (I set server priority for syncing).

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