How to give privileges for User to read some data, but not open the file.

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How to give privileges for User to read some data, but not open the file.

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I have some external references (table for example), what read data from source file.
External refernce is for User1 and source file is only for User2. User1 is not allowed to open the file. Forbidden folders are hidden for User1.
External reference (table) have a path to find source to read some data from it, but User1 is not allowed to open it. Is it possible to manage it somehow?
Thanks for help.
I can't see how that would work without some privileged intermediary service/agent that runs to extract data from the source file, which it has access to, and either place in another file or presents an API, both these would have to be accessible to user 1.

When you say external reference (table) what sort of object are you meaning... a file?
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I use CAD software, table in file have defined path and read data from another source.
I would imagine, USER1 has FILE1 (table) accessible, openable. FILE2 (source) is on his disk, but can't open it. Only software can read it.
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I use Drive Client to sync remote data. Remote User have same files as I do (or files, what are for him). We have the same drive mapping. So I would imagine, he would have synced some files only for reading by software, not for him personaly. But as I see, it is impossible.
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