NAS Compares How to Improve Plex Performance On Your NAS Drive – PART 1

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NAS Compares How to Improve Plex Performance On Your NAS Drive – PART 1

The Best Ways to Improve Plex Performance on your NAS drive

Plex is this amazing application that we all know and love, letting us enjoy all our boxsets, out movies, our own videos and more. Whether it is because you get to play YOUR MEDIA without streaming from subscription services, or because the user interface and add-ons are just so darn good, owning and accessing your own Plex Media Server on a NAS is really appealing! However, as this kind of setup has been around for a few years now, we are starting to see performance on many NAS drives for plex start to dip. Whether it is because your NAS drive is getting a little old, or because you bought one on a budget and it just isn’t powerful enough, there are many reasons why users want to improve the performance of their Plex Media server. Today I want to go through my tips to help you improve your Plex playback performance (sometimes a little, sometimes ALOT) and help you enjoy all your media. Most of the suggestions are free to try and a few need a little upgrade purchase along the way, but hopefully, 1 or more will solve your plex performance issue.

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