How to properly playback high bitrate - homevideos from NAS on AppleTV4K?

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How to properly playback high bitrate - homevideos from NAS on AppleTV4K?

DS923+ (16GB)
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I want to watch homevideos located on my DS918+ on my ATV4K. Currently I use screen mirroring from my phone (using "DS File") to ATV4K but there's constant stuttering/lag problems like there's bad network. I see no indications however that network should be bad. I'm on a 5Ghz network and wifi seems to be having good reception (and fast speed when testing other apps). Currently I have to recode my 50-60Megabit/4K files to <20Megabit to avoid the worst stuttering. I've tried connecting my ATV using cables but its still not capable of playing my 50-60megabit files without problems.
This drives me *insane!* Not sure what I am doing wrong.
What's the proper way of watching homevideos? I use Plex for other mediafiles but I don't like Plex for homevideos so I'm after something else. How should we do this properly? There's no DS File on the ATV so I guess I have to cast it from my phone at the moment (but I don't like that either).
I've also had mixed luck (mostly bad luck) playing larger video files from the NAS with any type of mirroring, ApplePlay, ChromeCast, etc. - I'm using RT2600ac with MR2000ac.

Best results so far have come with the ATV hard-wired to the home network. We playback with VLC Media Player (free download from the App Store). In VLC, we log into the NAS via SMB to access the shared folder that holds our video files. VLC will remember one login per server; which makes the login process still tedious but mercifully short. After the SMB login in VLC, you can navigate through folders and sub-folders to find the video you're looking for. VLC will play just about any video format known to man, including MKV rips of Blu-Ray or DVD.

I have also used Synology Media Server (Package Center) with DLNA/UPnP. But we didn't care about any of the services it provides beyond basic browsing of folders and files - and we had increasing difficulty with Synology's file indexing system (long runtime and/or corrupted index) as our video library grew.

Hope this helps. Ron
Give Infuse a try. The ATV 4K is powerful. Infuse will make use of that, although I’m not sure what will be the results with your mentioned files, but it won’t hurt to try.

All you need is to dload the ATV app from the AppStore, point it to a folder on your NAS (SMB) and see.
I think VLC works the same way as mentioned by @RoCaRay.
However, Infuse can be the front end to Plex or Emby later on if you like it.

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