How to reject public connection to Surveillance station when sub domain requested don't match

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How to reject public connection to Surveillance station when sub domain requested don't match

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I would like to know if it's possible to reject any internet connection to a specific package (eq: Surveillance station) when the url requested don't match with ?

To explain my situation, I have 2 sub domains : with the port 1421 with the port 5412

All is working fine, but I would like to block the connections see bellow : over the port 5412
mypublicip over the port 5412
To resume, only to authorize the connection to Surveillance station by connecting on the url «» on the port 5412

I searched for a few hours without success ;(, thanks in advance for your help.
When you have assigned a specific port to a package or service then that will get requests directly to the service that is listening on that port. You may get issues with SSL certificate validation on the clients if they use the wrong FQDN with the right port.

If you don't use a customised port then the package's customised domain will use default ports for HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443). The built-in reverse proxying features will then work out which package is being requested.
Thanks a lot for your reply.

The access will be only for me.
I was finally arrived to this solution :
Public : on the port 5412
Routeur : traffic redirection from the port 5412 to Synology port 443 to keep the reverse proxy feature.
Synology : Classic reverse proxy to Surveillance station

It's working even the port 443 is known and open on my local network.
It's already an acceptable config, an intruder need to know :
- exact url
- port
- double authentification

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