How to replace disks and start fresh?

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How to replace disks and start fresh?

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This has got to be the easiest procedure anyone ever does. But I can't find any specific instructions.

I have a new DS218 and have been testing with a single 500Gb drive. There's nothing on the drive that I want to save ... but the DSM V6.2 I installed works well, and I'd like to keep it operating like it is.

But now I want to put in two brand new 1Gb drives and run a Raid 1 configuration.

What are the proper steps to do this? (I can only find steps to start from scratch.)

Thanks in advance for any help.
Is the 500GB drive SHR? If so, add a single 1TB drive to mirror. When complete, replace the 500GB drive with the remaining 1TB drive and repair/expand.

SHR ≈ RAID1 for 2 drive setup.

There's nothing on the drive that I want to save
Or just add a 1TB drive and create a new pool/volume (SHR). All DSM system settings will be copied over. When done, toss the 500GB drive and add the second 1TB to the new SHR pool. Done.
Your second method sounds like the one I want.

The whole issue, now that I think about it, centers on maintaining the disk-resident DSM throughout the steps. So, both your methods make good sense.

I went back to my notes and realized there was an even simpler way ... a way that kept me from tripping on some obscure setting when I was swapping disks and trying to confirm volume expansions:

I took out the 500Gb disk (which had DSM on it, of course) ... and then started over by installing both new drives.

I went back to square one with initialization and installed DSM v6.2 from the file I had downloaded a few days ago.

Everything went according to my notes. And now I have a NAS on my network showing a single SHR volume ... which I can read and write to as a mapped drive from PCs on my LAN.

Here's the only remaining question I have: other that the NAS volume showing SHR as the type, where is there any indication that my 2nd drive is properly functioning as a Raid 1 drive?

I hope there's some indicator/status that I've missed (... and that the NAS isn't just being "coy" ... or that everyone knows, except me). The only indication that I've seen is that both disk lights flash on the NAS when I'm writing to the volume.

Thanks for any help.
where is there any indication that my 2nd drive is properly functioning as a Raid 1 drive?
FWIW, I have found something: both drives are listed under Info >> Storage >> Hard Drives.
... and both are assigned to Storage Pool 1.

But there is no mention of Raid 1 ... which seems odd, since everyone talks in terms of Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, etc.
Thanks for the link.

Indeed, it explains clearly what all the modes are. But, oddly, it doesn't clearly explain how to set/confirm them.

But I will settle for this point under SHR: "Recommended for beginner users."

Above all else, I certainly qualify as a beginner. And a 2-disk enclosure isn't pushing the envelope. It's good they've simplified that operating mode.

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