How to set DSM that Office create correct Share-link with port

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How to set DSM that Office create correct Share-link with port

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I'd like to ask for a help.
We use Office/Drive and we share the documents in the Office suite.
The problem is that the share link created is missing the port, necessary for the connection.

Example of the created share file link (not real one just an example), which does not works:

Example of the correct share file link, which works:

I do not know how to set Office/DSM to create the link with the port.
In Control Panel/Network/DSM setting the DSm ports and HTTPS redirection is set correctly, it works on File share links (QuickConnect is set as well and it works).

Thank you for the support.

I don't use office or drive, but maybe we can try to understand the problem by a process of elimination, to know if this is a global DSM problem or an office/drive problem. Maybe you've done this already.

On DSM, if you go to File Station and find a file that you want to share (to test), select it and then Action > Share

Does it show the correct share link (with port)?
I do not know how to set Office/DSM to create the link with the port.
Are you using a quickconnect or ddns name? Or is it really a custom domain name? If it is then just push it via revers proxy on port 443/tcp (https) and you won't have to use a port number, so your links will work by default.
it was correct in Synology Cloud Statiion, and doesn’t work in Drive (really don’t know why, addressed to SynoSupport, but no answer). Solved by RevProxy, as Rusty learned us all :) thx Rusty.
PS: shared links works with port number, just Drive link from Win desktop app doesn’t work ( click on Drive to open webDrive client).
But if you don’t need to change RevProxy environment, you can still use Shared link frim Drive (automatically with port no in an address) = works pretty fine.
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That's really strange!

I have the iOS version on my iPad. I've just checked and it creates the shared link correctly with the port number. There's also something called "protection link". Allows a password and an expiration date.

@Imcon, if you have an iOS device you might want to try it and see.

Now that I've shared it, I don't know how to unshare on the Drive app :)
Does this mean that this function is built into each client?!
if you already have it at the operating system level (as it looks to me) then why the need to recreate it again?!

Programming logic says just call for that "function/service" from any Synology made app!

But what do I know!

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