How to set up DS218play WITHOUT the Internet?

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How to set up DS218play WITHOUT the Internet?

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From what I can gather, my question regards almost the opposite of what most people are interested in doing, today, with NAS ... but here goes:

I'm new to NAS, but selected Synology's DS218play as—what looked to me—like a good 'beginner' NAS.

The problem I immediately ran upon is that all instructions and videos refer to connecting to the internet and downloading DSM software (and updating, if needed). Apparently, this would even involve setting up an account on Synology's server.

I'm using the NAS on an isolated (from the Internet) LAN that I don't ever want to be online in any way, shape, or form.

Can I set up the DS218play without an internet connection? (Or have I bought the wrong unit?)

This statement from Synology's website seems to indicate that DSM, itself, represents a big problem:
"DSM is an intuitive web-based operating system for every Synology NAS"

Thanks in advance for any help.
Ofc you can.

You can download the dsm is from their Download Center on their support site as well as Synology assistant app (if needed).

With those 2 things you can configure your nas without the need of Internet at all.

Ofc that will mean that any app you need you will also have to download them manually from the download center and install them on your nas offline.

All in all it can be done and you can use the unit just locally.

Even though the web ui is web based that doesn’t mean you can’t use it just locally. Simple open your web browser and point it to your nas local ip once it is installed and configured.

That way you will be able to access it and use it.
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The firmware .pat can be download from internet and stored on e.g. your laptop, you also have to install synology assistant.
Then you can setup the nas using the laptop on the isolated location. No need for an internet connection.
For sure, your device will then be in a frozen state, and updates or packages, you also have to manage that with the offline way of working.
your device will then be in a frozen state, and updates or packages
Well, that's good to hear ... and "frozen" is exactly what I want.

Do you happen to know of any place that this is clearly spelled out?

Like I said, I get the impression that I'm the only one seeking this level of implementation.
I hope you won't mind if I add these 3 questions to this thread. (Hopefully, they will help others, as well.)
  • Can I initially install a single drive ... and then add a duplicate (same model) later as a Raid 1?
  • Should the drives be formatted (NTFS?) on another PC before installing them in the NAS?
  • Is there something about 'port 5000' that I should factor in from the start? (I ask, because I've seen references to needing to block port 5000.)
BTW, thanks for the responses, thus far.
Thank you.

I've downloaded the DSM~.pat file and now feel that there's a good chance this will work, fine. (Although it didn't help when I peeked and saw that there have been dozens of versions/updates to DSM. Hopefully, the current one is a good one!)

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Good to hear. You could also clone the drive and expand the data partition using Clonezilla/gParted.

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