How to set up Synolog iTunes Server with new OSX Apple Music app?

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How to set up Synolog iTunes Server with new OSX Apple Music app?

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sorry I ask for it in Audio Station forum, but I couldn't find forum hat is dedicated for iTunesServer.

In the google I only found tutorials from a few years ago. And they show how to setup iTunes Server with old Apple iTunes application.
But from some time I don't even see in OSX application called iTunes. So is Synology iTunes Server useless nowadays for new OSX systems?

Or can I still use it with Apple Music app? If yes, could you help to setup it?

Or maybe in some way I can combine Audio Station with new Apple Music?
But then what is the difference between Audio Station and iTune Server?

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards
There has been an issue with iTunes Server and macOS Music app. Here's a thread and they have linked to a Synology patch.

Hopefully this has been included in DSM 7 beta packages.

iTunes Server makes your indexed music/video folders available to Mac/PC iTunes applications (and hopefully macOS Music). It isn't available in iOS Music.

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