How to share folders to RW for users without an account

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How to share folders to RW for users without an account

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Sometimes we use File share link to allow someone outside the company to download files/directories (read only).
But I would like to have an option to allow Write for such users as well and I do not want to create a new account. Just to do quick share link creation but to have RW option.

Is it possible to do this with standard package/s (File station only)?
Hi and thanks for both answers.
We use Drive for many years, as soon as it was created. But this in not what I'm lookig for.

As I wrote - I would like to have R/W access for someone WITHOUT user account.
And - WITHOUT need of installing anything on the PC. We use Synology for cooperation between corporations and often users have no possibility to install and anyway it is too difficult for them to do it (in case they are allowed).

What I need is the same acces as in case you share RO link to a directory biut with RW access. How to do this?

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