Question How to Share specific folder(s) from Android to Synology NAS

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Question How to Share specific folder(s) from Android to Synology NAS

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Can't find useful solution how to share specific folder (or folders by defined selection) from Android device into NAS:
- automatically (no need an action after initial setup) follow defined connection (any change, period, from system booting)
- on demand
- no WebDAV based protocol, SFTP is more reliable

- Specific folder with logs in Android
- repeated increment of the files there
- need send to NAS, when new file will be created.

When you help me I will help you how you can connect to your car ECU - Engine control unit(s) - to get "real time" data from all of your sensors in the car for better diagnostic or prediction of future event.
Short background of the idea:
- when happens in your cars, then you need ask your repair shop for a help
- then they need connect their diagnostic tool into your OBD2 port and read errors
- but they will get just errors or consequences values from sensors. Never reasons or a story of the reasons and consequences in time.
- then they can use their 7th sense to find reason and repair it (fast track)
- or spend time with search, disassemble parts to smaller parts, checking, repair or not (then put together parts again), then search, ... and work hours can increase

or the repair shop can get detailed story of the troubles directly from the ECU records stored in your NAS. Even with an extended analyze of the symptoms = patterns. And when there is an existence of patterns, there is really short way to prediction.
And when there is a prediction, there is an assumption to notify you, that problems are coming. And story can continue.
Uhm.. not sure what you are asking.
On my (and others) android phones, stuff like pictures and whatsapp backups is synced back to the NAS using the 'DS cloud' app in the appstore. I just simply use that to sync folders from the local android storage to the homedir location on the NAS.
Thx, but no way for me:
there isn't possible way to install Cloud station server, when you operate Drive. And all of my production sites are running with Drive. Backup NAS is running just in night.
OMG, since I left using Cloud server and started using Drive instead (on all my NASes), so I uninstalled DS cloud client's App from my Android devices and now I use only Drive clien's app. Today I tried DS Cloud App and Drive server for collaboration for the first time. And it’s working. Thx for such advice.
I will check it in my car also, then I will prepare Resource for the OBD2 data sync to NAS.
So some issues here
Since I don't use (old) DS cloud client platform (because Drive), I totally forgot that there is a DS cloud. Basic question is why use the DS cloud when is there Drive client smart app for Android?
So I tried to install it today to my Car system. And I was surprised - it so bad and I understand that DS cloud is an Smart app that will be terminated by DSM 7.0

Installed ver: 2.8.1 (from August 6th, 2019)
Car system based on Android 9.0

Some current experiences:
1. Installation of DS Cloud is easy (just to be sure = installation only)

2. first time I used "OMG" , when I tried to install also Bitwarden app (because I really don't like type 35+ characters to usr and psw fields). But last available Bitwarden ver. 2.3.1 has serious problem to connect my hosted Bitwarden.
Exception message: Trust anchor for certification path not found.
And when I asked Google about it I found, that this is not my problem for the BW Android app. Then I decided, that I have to use my fingers with more patience = a cost of my authentication paranoia. :rolleyes:

3. Establishing a connection from DS Cloud into my Drive server
- from beginning it's easy and similar as for every Drive sessions (address, usr, psw, https, ...)
- patience with all the manual settings (usr & psw for 35+ characters in both fields)
- session established
- then DS Cloud ask me what remote (NAS side) folder I would like to Sync with this client side (two way sync or single, ...). No way to use different than HOME (HOME sub-folders OFC). Stone age (what a difference in Drive).
- then I tried to create Sync session at my Android device side. I used SD card - and I mistakenly confirmed that "YES". From this time All data from my SD card was uploaded into my NAS. OK. Then I open Setup task menu, and I updated option just for Uplodad sync (from SD card to NAS). Tested. Done
- so I decided to prepare right session from my Card monitoring Logs.
- then I stop and delete the previous session (entire SD card to NAS)
And here is a crazy miracle - when you close last opened session (delete), then DS Cloud for Android will log-out you from your NAS connection. Fully. There is just one way - edit your connection server, credentials again.
- just to be sure I tried it 3-times, be sure, that it wasn't an accident from my side. but it's FEATURE!! Just to be sure with my 35+ usr/psw characters 🤬
- 25th time I used "OMG" or more verbal expression when I tried use (+) button to add new folder to sync from Android device to NAS (in the DS Cloud session editor). Everytime when I touched the (+) button it just opened step to new Remote (NAS) folder session creation), no way to change or create new task.

I really like Drive. Seems to be - DS Cloud (in Android) is the past.

Maybe I'm wrong. Is there a mistake from my side?
Now it's working, just for a single folder :cool:, OMG . Then I'm ready to test some prediction models:
- to predict possible fault cases
- to inform car owner or car repair shop about a specific and related event conditions that led to the failure
- then there is a small step to early warning notification.

Well done, some of them I have tested from last year failure of braking pedal switch. Amazing, it's working, total time spent with diagnostic of the failure is about few seconds (data upload from NAS to model) + Evaluation is about 20 seconds. Btw, data upload from Car to NAS is fast, it's simple and small CSV.
Too far from one (and more) hours of True/False scenarios in repair shop, specially when real reason of the failure is hidden.

- now is necessary to build open KB about behavior of failures (for each cars, engines, ...)
- it can helps similar attitude to better understand of failure reasons and make a precise predictions or behavior documentation
- then we can reduce time (cost) of the car diagnostic - hm and what they will do in car repair shops?

OFC this isn't magic pill for everything. But it's a way how to.

- then I tried to create Sync session at my Android device side. I used SD card - and I mistakenly confirmed that "YES". From this time All data from my SD card was uploaded into my NAS. OK. Then I open Setup task menu, and I updated option just for Uplodad sync (from SD card to NAS). Tested. Done
how did you do that?
I migrated to a new NAS and can't figure it out, on my old setup I had it working, but now I can't find how to select SD to sync.

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