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Tutorial How to SSH into a NAS?

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Tutorial How to SSH into a NAS?


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How to SSH into a NAS? - A tutorial on how to SSH into a Synology NAS

In DSM go to Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP > Terminal tab

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Check Enable SSH service and set your port.

Open Terminal (Mac) (on Windows machine open CMD (Command Prompt) or PuTTY program for instance) and type:

ssh [email protected]_ip -pSSH_post_number

Tap Enter.

ssh [email protected] -p22

Now you are in your NAS.

This video can be helpful:

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Just one suggestion here. Change the default port (22) to something else (especially if remote access is enabled) and firewall it.
SSH is enabled for users with Admin privileges, so it’s scary powerful.
Another suggestion: SSH and SFTP don't have to have the same port. If you configure SSH on port XXX and SFTP on YYY then SSH will reject connections on YYY and vice versa.

So if you must use SFTP from the Internet then you don't have to expose command line access to SSH.
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Operating system
Linux, Windows
Mobile operating system
Android, iOS
for Win based users:
it’s portable and also desktop ver.
include graphical SFTP browser, it will automatically pop up in order to directly edit your remote files and many others useful (not just SSH) features in single box
and free for common usage

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