How to stop snapshots?

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How to stop snapshots?

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In File Station I noticed @snapshots and @pushserv folders that were created by Surveillance Station. In the @pushserv folder there are snapshots being generated. How do I stop this? I don't have any schedules enabled so it must be something else. I searched through all the menus but am not sure what is triggering this.

Also what does it mean when there is a @ before the name?


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I just started using SS so haven't visited here before. This is going to be a bit late but may help someone else.

Within SS is another app called Snapshot. My only suggestion is to go in there an limit the folder size to 1 Mb and Keep files to 1 day(s). That should minimize the buildup. Otherwise, I'm a bit stumped too.

As an aside, I like my snapshots because ( on my QNAP ) I sync them to my Onedrive account and then view them while I am away. That way I don't need to open ports and create security issues for my router. And they are much smaller than video files - car quicker to review jpg's than mp4's.

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