RT6600ax How to use primary and secondary DNS server

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RT6600ax How to use primary and secondary DNS server

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We have RT6600ax and we have two WAN, both have dedicaded IP, we have a software which needs to be accessible from other users from outside of our network.

At this moment, outside users connect to our WAN1 public IP but latly we have alot of problems with our ISP1 (WAN1) and we would like to setup primary and secondary A record (They hand out the primary as long as that line is up. if it goes down, they hand out the secondary.) If that is possible? or setup DNS server on our Synology router.

We have two IPv4 public IP from both of our ISP
We use cloudflare to DNS setup (server.mydomain.com)

I hope you guys can help me.
Thank you!
Does CloudFlare offer DNS load balancing? Often used to monitor availability and responsiveness of different regional service deployments, then to serve back the best IP resolution to the requesting client.

The sort of thing can be used to achieve this, by service providers, could be F5’s BIG-IP DNS (used to be called BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM)). Just as an FYI.

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