Info How work became an inescapable hellhole (Article)

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Info How work became an inescapable hellhole (Article)

For me, it helps to have a home office, separate from the rest of the house (work area is not part of the living area). On top of this, not picking up my work phone also helps (when I leave it in the office). So, separating from work is not a problem, but I guess it depends on the work you are doing.
Nice. Not everyone is so lucky. It depends so much on one’s manager too. I’ve had my fair share, some I’ll be indebted to forever (for their mentoring and leadership), while some I’d be happy to drench with gas and set them alight before walking away :)

Of course, HR is on a different planet with their work/life balance PowerPoint slides 🤣
My experience is like Rusty's. Been doing home office for roughly 7 years now and I freakin love it.

My desk has plenty of room :) I have two 4K Monitors, a laptop and it's dockings station, and there is still space left... Internet always works and is fast as hell. Though, the coffe is inferior compared to the coffee in the office. My home office setup actualy makes me way more productive than whatever our offices provide (thanks to a dynamic workplace where you have to book a desk beforehand). On the plus side: I do cook fresh meals every lunch break, which gives me full(!) controll of what I eat ;)

My experience is that it pretty much depends on the team you are working in and how proactive and clear its members comunicate. It sucks if you are in the dark about what the rest of the team is doing. It also sucks if people start to assume things when something is uncertain, instead of clarifying it on the spot. Then there are people who are interrupting permanently, which I handle by giving them time boxed slots, which they need to prepare so I don't have to ask endless questions in order to get an understanding what they actualy want.

Occationaly, things are so unclear, that I have to ask people to hang up, sort their ideas and get another slot as soon as they are able to express what they want in a way others are actualy able to understand. Oddy, this usualy happens with memebers of the test team ^^
Atm, we are working 2 weeks from home and then 2 weeks on-prem in the firm. We can choose to work full time from home as well, but for me it's almost the same. Reason? The office is always empty.

So to reflect on @one-eyed-king and his comment about the team. I do agree it is completely up to the work you do and the people you interact with.

Truth be told, my current setup is that I have a 20m2 large office just for me, peace, and it's silent. The main problem is that I waste time by doing a lot of things that I shouldn't be doing but at the end of the day, all that needs to be done is done. Thanks to being more proactive and focused.

As I get older I can see that this setup fits me better in the long run, and the way things are moving forward, guess this will start to be the future for even more people.

Now all I need is fiber and I'm all set.

(back to shopping for 10G gear)
I’ve had my fair share, some I’ll be indebted to forever (for their mentoring and leadership), while some I’d be happy to drench with gas and set them alight before walking away :)
I’m my own boss now 😎
(Life is too short)
So which type are you? 😂
So which type are you? 😂
That’s the beauty of it, bossing me I can be any, depending on the mood when I wake up. Although I think continuing this way I might end up with a dissociative identity disorder. However, my wife always says “when you grow old you’ll never be lonely” 🤣

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