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Question HTTP>HTTPS redirection with non-std ports

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Question HTTP>HTTPS redirection with non-std ports

DS4l8play, DS202j, DS3623xs+, DSM 7.3.3-25847
Does redirection work when the NAS ports are changed from 5000/5001?

For example...
HTTP: 10000
HTTPS: 10001

If I login in with either

There is no connection. My only option is

I've tried this from within the LAN, and via a VPN connection (which permits LAN connections, if that matters).

Clearly, I'm misunderstanding how this "feature" works.
I've changed the standard DSM and package GUI HTTP 5000 / HTTPS 5001 to two other ports. By enabling HSTS then this will force DSM HTTP <whatever port> to DSM HTTPS <whichever port>. The actual DSM GUI setting is in Control Panel -> Network -> DSM Settings and doesn't mention HSTS by name.

The Application Portal allows HSTS to be set for each application.

Similar happens for the default Web Station HTTP 80 / HTTP 443 (I think this takes the setting from the Control Panel setting). If you create virtual hosts in Web Station then each can have HSTS set/unset.
Perhaps I'm simply dense. In Application Portal I select "Audio Station" >Edit>Enable Customized Domain>"mynas.synology.me" and check HSTS.

On my LAN, "mynas.synology.me:port/alias" does nothing for me (if I use the https port I get an error "The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port" I'm not understanding (or seeing http>https redirection).

Also... in Application Portal there is no "application" for the DSM browser interface.
The DSM HTTP/HTTPS interface is set in Control Panel and most applications in Application Portal.

With HSTS enabled then the HTTP/HTTPS pair for a domain will redirect the normal HTTP service and port request to the HTTPS service and port. For example:

Domain: myapp.mydomain.tld
HTTP: 1234
HTTPS: 4321

A request to http://myapp.mydomain.tld:1234 will get redirected to https://myapp.mydomain.tld:4321

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EDIT: Ok, not sure why. But after destroying the LE docker container and re-created it using a MACVLAN IP...

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