http to https redirect

http to https redirect

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http to https redirect

Yes but we need to do it without any .htaccess files. We need to get the apache config right.
The use of .htaccess files is a major performance issue. This is the main reason why many peoples still believes that nginx (where .htaccess is not available) is faster than apache (where it’s optional).
I wish someone could explain how to do this with only apache configuration on the Synology.
I know how to do it in a normal Linux distribution, like Fedora, but Synology seems to have made some unique decisions.
As @BobW said, considering that you are resurrecting a thread, what is your particular case? Are we talking about http to https redirect here or something else?

Using reverse proxy for the most part will solve the redirect issue. The article in question here, is for those that do not need/want to use any reverse proxy solutions, as to how get the redirect working without to much hassle.
I basically want to do this: Redirect "/" "Example Domain"

Have tried to put it in sites-enabled but it did’t work. Do I really have to edit httpd.conf?
Sorry I really don't follow here. You want to redirect "/" (is this suppose to me root domain or something?) to some HTTPS url?

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