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blackvoid HTTP to HTTPS redirect

This will be a quick tutorial on http to https redirect for all of you using Synology reverse proxy (usually in a combination with Docker containers) or in general any means to host any content on your NAS.

Why is http to https needed? Well for one it will force any attempts to access your content on a non secure protocol as well as allow any visitors of your sites to simply be redirected to the correct URL no matter how they type it in the address bar.

Let’s give a quick example before the actual steps that are required. For example you are hosting a web site of some sort on your NAS. Let’s also assume that you already have it running on https (more on this later). What happens if for some reason someone types www.yoursite.domain? By default any browser will attempt to access it using http protocol (on its default port 80). Great, so non secure communication and on top of this, the wrong URL. Visitors will get that horrible “Page can’t be displayed” and that will be the end of it. NEXT!

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