Hung SD Card Format?

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Hung SD Card Format?

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Well, I'll admit it up front: I goofed.

Or at least, I think I did.

I'm trying to format an SD card using the router's built-in card formattter. The card had two partitions, since it used to be a bootable MicroSD card for a Raspberry Pi. The router had no issue formatting the larger partition, but didn't know what to do with the little one.

That's fine--I can just stick it in another computer and blast out the two partitions, replace with a single large one, and reformat.

Except the reformatting process will not complete. It's just been hung for 10 minutes, so I can't press the eject button. Observe:


Should I just cave and pull the card, and then reformat it on another computer and start over? Or is there a reason it would literally take 10-15 minutes+?

Total size of card is 64GB. Yes, this is a ridiculous size just to enable the package installer, but it's the only one I have.

EDIT (2020 02 15 1644 US Central Time): Logging out and then back in made no difference.
Also, one partition presents itself as ready for use.


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