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blackvoid Hybrid Share & Active Insight - Evolution of DSM 7

Due to COVID-19 situation all Synology workshops were converted into webinars. Most of them stated on the 31st March, world backup day. What a coincident ha?

I tuned into one of them, South Central US regional, that was suppose to take place in Texas.

The whole workshop was very well done and in two hour time a lot was covered. Starting from presentation of their apps and services from real life example (a total of 4 scenarios), moving to some already known hardware and then finishing with some live demos of some of the upcoming DSM 7 features. The very end was reserved for questions and ways to setup partnership with Synology and how the company can help you becoming one.

What was interesting is that the whole workshop was focused on services and HW from the business and enterprise range. Even in the intro it was said that the J and value lineup will not be covered in this webinar.

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Love the screenshots. Thanks for sharing. This is exciting!!!
Well, unfortunately, the stream was in low quality, so I had to sharpen than a bit, but for 1st look think it will do.

Yesterday we all got a refrence sheet of that same workshop. Nothing special, just an outline of what was said and links to services and apps covered. Ofc, nothing on HS and AI, so good thing I did some screens.

I have a Q for @Rusty (or others that have input)
In one of your comments you mention using Grafana dashboards. Do you use them also for Synology related monitoring? If so, do you have some info, links what ever that you would like to share?
Thx for that!
What is the outlook for Docker on Synology? Is it there to stay? I recall vaguely there were some movements in that area.
My personal view is that Docker provides Synology with the ability to support many more applications than it has in the past, and limits the cost of supporting the whims of a broad userbase. It also allows them to limit their own package development to areas which will attract customers: seems to be private cloud and business data.

The older packages run on virtually all DSM NAS but haven't had much development, maybe because the underlying open source applications have become stable and are on maintenance support. Keep these ticking over for adding value to the low-end NAS where the purchaser initially wanted extra storage.

Try the Apple approach of selling hardware through compelling out-of-the-box software for the higher-end NAS.

For the edge-case users provide Docker and Virtual Machine support to augment the built-in apps and drive medium to higher-end sales.

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