Hyper Backup and Vault ver 2.2.4-1214

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Hyper Backup and Vault ver 2.2.4-1214

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New versions of Hyper Backup and Hyper Backup Vault (2.2.4-1214) were posted a couple of days ago, but only for some models/processors.... not sure why it's not available for all. And seems strange, as the OCD among us would want our version of Hyper Backup to match our version of Hyper Backup Vault, so if you have multiple machines, some of which have gotten the update and some of which haven't.... well, it's just nuts. Dogs and cats living together, etc.

Downloads of spk for Hyper Backup are here: Index of /download/Package/spk/HyperBackup/2.2.4-1214
Downloads of spk for Hyper Backup Vault are here: Index of /download/Package/spk/HyperBackupVault/2.2.4-1214

The release notes are a little vague:

For Hyper Backup: "Fixed the issue where the backup task might not work properly when the file change detail log feature is enabled."
For Vault: "Upgraded to be compatible with Hyper Backup 2.2.4; minor bug fixes."

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