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Hyper Backup failures/limitations

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New to Hyper Backup, so perhaps I'm missing something - here are some issues I've observed, if anyone has any better understanding than me, please can you advise?

- Backing up to an EXFAT USB (single version), there are a number of unsupported characters (such as &) - every time it finds one, the entire backup fails. I was taking the offending filename from the log and manually renaming it, but after three failures, I went in via SSH and used the command line to find and replace several hundred of these. I think I'm missing an option to auto "ignore" or "rename" invalid files, rather than abandoning and restarting an entire backup

- Same setup as above, and it then failed when it found a symbolic link. I've removed it and restarted, but again, another good candidate for something to be able to auto-skip rather than fail/abandon the backup

- Each time my backups fail for reasons above (and perhaps others I'm yet to find), it seems to only be able to restart entirely from the very beginning - could it not be able to resume? We're looking at multi-hour multi-TB backups here, it's a huge time drain to restart from scratch for a simple failure.

Is there some hidden feature I'm missing that would reduce the pain here - or are there plans to add features to Hyper Backup?

Does anyone know of any other unsupported source types so I can go and pre-emptively fix more, in the hope of getting at least one successful backup to complete?


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