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Dear all, I have a DS214play NAS, no raid configured. So I use both 4Tb disks as a single 8Tb space. I connected an external HD (usbshare1) on which I installed the database (music, video) from which Plex draws; and two external HDs (usbshare2 and usbshare3) via a small USB hub, on which I periodically backup with Hyper Backup. I have two tasks set up, one that backs up a couple of shared folders on the first disk, and the other that backs up another couple of shared folders on the other disk. Both activities are configured via the "Backup LUN" option.
Now, I have purchased a new 8Tb disk on which I want to make periodic backups of the whole NAS, which I can then disconnect and store in another place (I'm a paranoic nerd!).
The problem is that the system sees it regularly (usbshare4), but when configuring a new activity with Hyper Backup I always get the error message "No iSCSI LUN in the system or all iSCSI LUN have been used by other backup activities LUN ".
What does it mean? Can't I backup the same shared folder on two different disks with two different tasks? And anyway, I have shared folders that I don't backup, so they should be available for a new activity.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
I use it because LUN store backup data readable also on other system. Data Backup store them all in one file, the only way to read them is to restore them on NAS. Is it right?
Sorry for my bad english...
With Data backup tasks you have the choice of creating a single-version (which is in effect a copy of the folders and files to the destination file system, plus configs for DSM etc) or a multi-version which then requires, either:
  • HyperBackup on the source NAS to use its built-in Explorer feature.
  • HyperBackup Explorer on the destination DSM NAS.
  • HyperBackup Explorer on Mac/PC that can access the HB vault wherever it is stored (file share, local USB drive).
But if you opted for single-version tasks (there are a couple available) then you can mount the USB drive on Mac/PC/NAS and (provided the filesystem is supported) access the files just like any other USB drive ... no monolithic archive file for single-version tasks.

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