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I am completely new to the NAS system and trying to learn as I go so have many questions. I am trying to learn about Hyperback up. Currently I am use to Time Machine via Time Capsule on my current MacBook Pro and how that backs up my computer.

I am creating a NAS for my Plex Media and that will be the only files on it with maybe less than 100 GB for some important documents from my laptop just for another back up.

I am purchasing the DS920+ and starting off with an 8TB internal Drive in the first Bay. I plan to add more as my media files grow. Currently my entire media content is under 5 TBs so that should be enough right now to last me a while before needing to purchase space for another drive.

With Hyperbackup I currently have an 8TB external drive I plan to plug in via USB to use as a back up similar to how Time Machine runs on my laptop. My question is will an 8TB hard drive be enough space for an 8TB internal Drive? For instance my laptop is 1 TB but my Time Capsule is 2 TB. I am unclear of what the ratio is for backup space.. Is it 1:1?

With having multiple versions of my internal drive (I plan on backing up weekly as I do not add media content on a daily basis).

Appreciate any feedback and I am sure I will be posting more as I move forward in creating my NAS System
Thank you I ended purchasing a WD Element 10TB Drive as it was on sale with Amazon. Therefore now I have plenty of backup space
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