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hyperbackup size started increasing

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Hello everyone. I've been using hyperbackup for a few years. I put the backups on an external USB hard drive and rotate the backups so the space does not fill up.

I recently added Active Backup for Business (ABB) to my system and hope to stop using my synology to host Time Machine backups for two Macbooks. In hyperbackup, I told it not to backup the ABB folder. I find that my hyperbackup size increases every day. How can I find where the increases are?

Thank you.
Rusty, thanks for asking. Here are screenshots of my list of folders to back up and my retention policy.

Well considering that you are backing up everything else on the drive it could be that something else is actually the reason for a significant increase and not the fact that you have started using ABB.

Do you use Drive, Snapshot replication? Any of those use versioning? Have you had an increase in Drive data on your end point device that synced with the NAS?
Checking your backups, are any of them locked? Were any of them done "manually"? The system will not rotate-out any locked backups which can cause growth, sometimes drastic and dramatic. Check there first. If you find any that are locked, unlock them. Also remember, anytime you do a manual backup the default setting will be to 'lock' that backup. Those will have to be unlocked as well. If you do find a bunch of locked backups you will need to unlock them all and let the system do its thing, perhaps for several days, as it rotates-out old backups as deduplication is a bit-level process so the rotations can be quite complex.

If you do find these issues and follow this line, once the system is done recovering space your storage should stabilize to expected levels.
@7Natives yes I have done some manually. How do I find them, and how do I unlock them? Great clue!
Open Hyper Backup; Select a task; Click Version List.

Click the padlock to lock/unlock the version. A blue padlock is locked.
Click the X to delete the version.

As @fredbert said (and with excellent illustration):
Hyper Backup > (click the Task) > (click) [Version List]
Here you will see a list of your backups, look for backups where the lock is not greyed out. Click all of those locks to unlock them (they will turn grey), the click [Close].

@Fredbert Click the padlock to lock/unlock the version. A blue padlock is locked.​
Click the X to delete the version.​
@fredbert and I differ here. Both ways work, but @fredbert's is a straight delete while click [Close] and leave uses your retention policy to properly handle the dleetion(s).​

My suggestion is to allow Hyper Backup to properly rotate-out the older versions . Using the rules you have in place properly handles the bits and parts of all of the backups. "X-ing" them deletes then straightaway (or as straightaway as a NAS can) bypassing your retention rules, and can but not necessarily will, create issues at various levels.

Assuming you found some locked backups, go to:
Main menu > Storage Analyzer > Report Profile - [Settings]
Set these to deliver a daily or frequent report to you. This will let you see the progress without interrupting it. (I'm assuming you have notifications and email to you setup on this NAS.)

Now leave the system alone for a few days to do its work. Don't tweak other stuff while waiting. One step at a time, and this may be the only step you need.
@fredbert and I differ here
Not really. I use the task's rotation policy to maintain versions. I just noticed the X and thought I'd mention it.

Unless it really needs to be preserved for history, unlock the versions and use HB for backup and not archiving.
I misunderstood the question. I am not kicking off hyperbackup backups manually. I checked, and none of the versions is locked. I have been kicking off some ABB backups manually. Should I do something about that?
Hyper Backup, Active Backup for Business, and Snapshot Replication all have retention policies.
  1. Go through each of these packages you are using;
  2. Check the versions for each package and ensure ALL are UNlocked in all packages;
  3. If you find they are all unlocked across the board in all packages, it may be time to look at how you setup your retention policies; and
  4. Lastly, evaluate (and share here) what you are trying to accomplish with these backups and why, i.e., work, personal use, legal requirement. (Do you really need to keep that letter to late Aunt Betty from 1982?)
Sometimes we get a bit lost, even paranoid, with our backups due in no small part to the incessant drumming of the FUD from every possible corner. Retention policies can be complex and setting them up right and realistically can be quite time consuming.
Sometimes we get a bit lost, even paranoid, with our backups due in no small part to the incessant drumming of the FUD from every possible corner. Retention policies can be complex and setting them up right and realistically can be quite time consuming.
My method:
  • Consider how far back will be useful, and how many recent quick iterations will be needed.
  • Will I notice quickly enough if/when something does happen?
  • Also, how quickly is the data updating? Can once a day be enough?
  • Finally, will the world end if I lose this?

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