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I had my old DSM 6.2 box set up to email me after every backup using Hyperbackup, which was great for catching when things went awry. But so far, I haven't been able to get my newer DSM 7 box to do the same.

In the settings dialog, where DSM 6 had a place to enter email and SMTP details, the DSM 7 version only has a check box for "enable task notification". No place to enter email, etc.

I thought maybe it would use the general email address set up for notifications in the control panel, and maybe it does, but I don't have it set correctly. Current rule selection is "Warning". Of course there's an "all", and maybe I should just try it, but I don't need to get an email every time any file changes on the NAS (oof!).

Any advice?
It is meant to work like tis

Notifications, then rules, add rule, hyperbackup. succesfull backup

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