hyperbackup vault or C2?

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hyperbackup vault or C2?

Are some people using an hyperbackup vault to replace C2? Or are you using both? What would be the advantage of C2?


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Well, C2 is a cloud based destination that you can reach via web or via Vault (on your local machine). It's not a replacement.
I use Hyper Backup to create : local, single version files backup; local, multi-version backup of the whole NAS; mult-version C2 backup for photos and important docs.
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I use C2 like Fredbert, to backup photos, videos and important documents. Encrypted of course.
Ha, well! That's more like C2 though I'm not sure what C2 uses as resilience for the data ... single site, single 'vault' instance or dual/multi-site with archiving.

I suppose you need to decide how much storage you need. Look at the monthly cross-over pricing using SHR:

ScenarioInformaniak (best value)Synology - C2 Plan II (€7/TB)
4TB€47/month (RS217 - 2x4TB)€28/month
30TB€134/month (RS819 - 4x10TB)€210/month

You need to be using a RS819 with 4x4TB to get 12TB of SHR/RAID 1 storage to begin to get cheaper than Synology C2 Plan II. But then C2 Plan II can be charged annually so really your price cross-over is at 18TB of dedicated server storage. I'm assuming you would use SHR/RAID 1 and not JBOD.

Then add in that C2 Plan II will de-duplicate to save you storage. And, for both Plan II and Informaniak, just remember you need to factor in the storage for each backup version. Also, Synology enables you to select a European or US storage location, if that's also an issue.

I would look into the terms and conditions for data recovery and resilience for both services: who's issue is it if hardware fails and is all lost when it does?
@fredbert true. One good thing with using another synology server is that it would allow to have the backup NAS in infomaniak directly available if an issue happen ...

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