I broke my DS923+ :/

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I broke my DS923+ :/

DS923+ (16GB)
  1. RT6600ax
Operating system
  1. Windows
Purchased some additional RAM today, 2x16GB. However, when putting one of them to place, one of the clips that holds the RAM broke. Not sure what I did to be honest. Anyway one of the RAM-"chips" is being held by only one clip instead of two.
The RAM seems to be held in place anyway (so far) and the unit is running fine as far as I can tell.
But, should I act on this?
What would you do? Return to the seller is out of the question I guess.. Could I ignore the faulty RAM slot and use only one 32GB in the other one, would that work, to avoid possible RAM problems in the future?


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That slot clip should be robust enough to take a RAM module being inserted and removed quite a few times. I would say it should be good for ‘many’ times but if this happened after only one or two then this isn’t due to trying non-Synology RAM. I’ve been swapping RAM modules on many devices over the years and never yet have I had a clip break. As said, modules usually are snug, even tight, fits.

I would at least try to get the NAS replaced in case the other clip breaks later from having more load that expected.

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