I did a dumb thing: Photo Station fighting w/ Moments

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I did a dumb thing: Photo Station fighting w/ Moments

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So I was curious about Photo Station and wanted to play around with it. Before I get to the problem I have to give some background:

I have 2 users set up for myself: an admin user (NewbieAdmin) and then my everyday user (Newbie). NewbieAdmin can do all the admin stuff, while Newbie has restricted access to some stuff. Having the two different accounts was something that was recommended to me on this forum.

I use my Newbie account to map folders on my NAS to my computer as drives, so that I can just use windows explorer to look for a file. Its just what I'm used to. Anyways, I was going through my photo structure that moments created and realized that I have photos stashed 3 and 4 levels deep in the folder structure. I wanted to play around with Photo Station to see how it'd handle the folder structure and so I installed it on my NAS using my NewbieAdmin via DSM. As soon as Photo Station was installed, my mapped drives to my photo folder disappeared from windows explorer. I also could not re-map them using my Newbie account. I momentarily panicked that somehow the install had just lost all my photos. I want to be clear that the Photo Station install never asked for any permissions to overwrite moments or to change privilege access to the photo folder.

However, I did find that I could re-map the drive to my PC using NewbieAdmin. So, I logged back into DSM with NewbieAdmin and was able to find the "missing" folder with File Station. I also discovered in the control panel that my access rights for my Newbie user had been changed. All of my other folder access for this user was read/write just as it was supposed to be, except for the Photo folder. The Photo Station install somehow changed the access rights for my Newbie user from read/write to No Access. I used NewbieAdmin to uninstall Photo Station and I changed the access rights for the Newbie user back to read/write, and am now able to map the drive to my PC using the Newbie just like I was before. It would seem that I managed to fix everything, except...

...the final hitch in all of this is that if I map the "photo" folder or view it in File Station with NewbieAdmin, then folder is full of my photos just like it was before. However, if I map the photo folder with Newbie or view it in File Station, the folder appears, but it is empty. All other folders and drives show up and function just like they should except for the photo folder. Why is the folder full for NewbieAdmin but empty for Newbie?
Photo Station has its folder permissions buried in the package settings, so the typical shared folder permission settings can't suffice. It's an odd bird in that regard.

But Moments... never for me... too much inane restructuring of my files, heavy indexing and thumbnailing CPU loads, and unwanted (largely ineffectual) "AI" (intelligence gets a new meaning w/Moments). I hate that package.
Photo Station has its folder permissions buried in the package settings, so the typical shared folder permission settings can't suffice. It's an odd bird in that regard.

And this is one of the reasons why I uninstalled Photo Station. Also I hate it that everything had to be under /photo and cannot use my own shares out-of-the-box .

Horrible package. I hope the new Synology Photo app that comes with DSM7 will be better...
Now that I uninstalled photo station, any ideas how to get my full permissions back to my everyday user for the photo folder?

To be fair to Moments, much of the "inane structuring" was my own fault as I copied pics from phone to laptop to laptop to external hard drive to NAS, then more from a different laptop... "git 'r done" photo management has created a monster... :LOL:
Just checking back in on this problem. I still haven't figured out how to give my non-admin username access to the moments folder. I have searched everywhere I can find to enable permission to that folder (photo station is not currently installed), and I can't find it. I'm to the point where I'd like to create a brand-new moments folder. I'm going to be running some photo-sorting/de-duping software on my photo library anyways, so I figure I'd just set up the output folder as my new moments folder, but I have not been able to find where in moments I point it to a specific shared folder. Any tips?
Just in case someone comes across this thread, I finally found a solution. After calling syno support. The support guy was stumped for quite a while. It appeared that all my groups and users should have been set up correctly to allow my user to access the /photo folder, but I could not. The solution was to temporily re-install photo station. As mentioned, Photo Station takes over permission control for /photo when installed. I had gone through and granted users permission (I thought) before un-installing Photo Station, but the support guy found that many of the users were set to "browse" and not "manage" in the permissions. Setting the users to "manage" allowed me to see the folder in File station like I wanted to. We then re-un-installed Photo Station, and the permissions held this time.

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