I think I may have used the wrong static ip address

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I think I may have used the wrong static ip address

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Hi I have little to no understanding of networks and DNS DHCP servers etc.

I think I may have set the wrong static ip address on my 1821+.

When I picked the static address I was not aware that it should be outside the DHCP server scope/pool range, which is: to

I have set the nas static ip address to which is within the server scope.

Would It cause problems i.e. with my plex virtual machine, backup schedules etc. if I changed this address?
It's not a disaster, but I suggest you undo that, and leave the NAS network settings at their default. Instead, go into your router and set a reserved IP for your NAS... and outside the DHCP range... for example ".10"
There is no problem at all setting it in the DHCP range. Just make sure the address is set in the router (or both) to prevent the router from issuing the IP to another device when the nas is switched off.
The first thing you can do is to reserve, so that your DHCP service doesn't assign it to another device*:
  1. Open DSM's Control Panel and go to Info Center page and then select Network.
  2. Find your active network interface (it should have a Connected status) and note the MAC address: usually the delimiter '-' is with ':', or blank (your DHCP sever's GUI will tell you.
  3. In your DHCP server, probably on the firewall/router, find the place where it enables you to reserve IP addresses and create a new entry for the NAS's MAC address and IP I can't say what the router calls DHCP IP reservation but you'll know when you see it: it uses MAC address / IP address and that's all, unless there's a comment/note field.
  4. Now the DHCP server will only give .28 out to a request from the MAC address. If you have manually configured the NAS tehn it won't request from the DHCP server, but conversely it won't give the IP to anything else.
  5. You could configure the NAS to use DHCP to configure the interface now. That's your choice and shouldn't make any difference.
*if you do find that .28 has been assigned to another device:
  1. Temporarily assign a different IP to the NAS.
  2. Cancel that current temporary assignment in the DHCP service (this frees up the IP in the DHCP table).
  3. Log into the device and force it to re-request DHCP assignment to the network interface. If you connect via the network, you will lose network access now because the IP address you logged on with will have changed.
  4. Check on the DHCP server that a new assignment has been made.
  5. Restore the NAS to .28
  6. Follow the steps above.

This is the type of Network information I get listed for my DS1520+ (I'm not sharing the actual details on the right side). I have bonded LAN ports 1 to 3 and have the fourth standalone: so you see Bond 1 and LAN 4. You need the MAC address for the interface that you are going to reserve.

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