idrive app newly downloaded gives error message 500

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idrive app newly downloaded gives error message 500

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I have a new IDrive account and am trying to install and run the relevant application as per the attached screen shot. I have installed it but when I try to run it I get an error message 500.

Checking under the FAQs on the web site there ar einstructions about what to do if you get an error message 404 but not 500.

Can anyone help.


Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 2.51.38 pm.png
welcome here
error 500 means everything
and my first assumption is based on too complicated official iDrive guide (never seen such complicated, specially for newbies) how to install the iDrive package to Syno NAS
then your error 500 is about mess in the configuration between PHP and NGNIX or Apache (chosen in your setup)

1. you need check every single step from the iDrive guide, because there is the core of such error
2. one possible way is change parameter
php_flag display-errors on
form (on) to (off) in
file in your NAS /volume1/web/.htaccess ..... but take it as next step, when 1st is fall again.
3. Or you can definitely go out from iDrive to Synology Active Backup for Business. Its free, easy and working. No such complicated. Include Synology Drive you will get data backup and data availability policy in higher level. Finally covered wit Hyperbackup for all common paranoia symptoms :cool:
Hi jeyare and thanks. But please remember I am a newbie but rather old!

I tried uninstalling the prograsm and then tried to download Active Backup for Business. I found lots of information about it but no simple way to download. When I enter my Synology system - DS218play - it does not list Active Backup for Business as software that i can download for it.

I ma not nerdie enough to be easily able to make the alterations you suggest using Terminal without more detailed instructions.

Any advice and thanks again.

Thanks EAZ1964 - wonderful! It worked! I would never have been able to find that stuff myself. A great and rapidly responsive forum. I am sure I will use it again. Rick

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